Portman Co. is able to provide detailed analysis of a wide range of building defects across all building types. Building defects occur for a wide range of reasons, these include but are not limited to poor design and material choice, workmanship, poor maintenance or repair, and environmental conditions. Our team of RICS Chartered Building Surveyors have extensive industry experience in the determination and rectification of building defects providing peace of mind for our clients.


We take a holistic approach to defect diagnosis considering the interrelationships between buildings, people and the surrounding environment, this ensures correct diagnosis and remedial recommendations. Please get in touch if you are experiencing one of the following:

Damp - penetrating and interstitial condensation

Cracking and building movement

Rot, corrosion, mould and infestation

Deleterious materials

Thermal performance, air tightness and cold bridging

Trees and invasive vegetation


Occupant health and wellbeing