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Social responsibility.
At Portman Co., we are mindful of our role in the communities in which we operate and we strive to make a positive difference to the people and places within them. Our ethos 'a collective mindset to achieve success for all' is our pledge to deliver an economic and environmentally sustainable future for our communities.

Portman Co. employees embark on community-led initiatives each year, offering careers advice and work experience opportunities to disadvantaged children annually. In addition, we support children's charities through a range of fundraising initiatives including cycling, running, swimming, and climbing events. Wherever we work, Portman Co. will, wherever possible, take the opportunity to involve themselves in community projects, providing training and advice in construction-related skills and become an active member of the community.

Corporate responsibility.
The wellbeing of our workforce is of paramount importance to us, we employ in-house support services covering physical, emotional and development needs ensuring that together we achieve success for all. In addition, we are dedicated to ensuring that the places we work and visit comply with the highest health and safety standards.

Sustainability in real estate.
We understand the need to enhance and future proof real estate assets for our clients; therefore, we are at the forefront of sustainable building, energy efficiency, and waste reduction utilizing industry experience, advances in design technology, and modern methods of construction to deliver upon our clients' sustainability objectives.


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