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Civil Engineer Surveying

Combining traditional RICS surveying techniques and cutting edge technologies Portman Co. is able to provide exceptional accuracy.
We provide detailed topographic, drone, and destructive/non-destructive measured building surveys across all sectors and building sizes from which we can provide you with land layout plans, floor plans, roof plans, elevations, and building sections.

What is a measured building survey and why might you need one?

A measured building survey is an accurate representation of your building identifying structural elements, architectural features. and spatial layout. 

A topographic survey is used to accurately map and identify the terrain and features of a given area of land.

Both types are used in the process of civils, land, and building development projects, access, and fire assessments.

Topographic Surveys
Measured Building Surveys
Roof Surveys - Via Cherry Picker Access
Roof Surveys - Via Drone
Roof Surveys - Via Camera Pole


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